Tips you can provide someone who snores at night

Do you know how to fix loud snoring? If you do then there is no reason you should be reading this blog post right now. You should be helping people overcome this problem. If you think snoring is a complicated problem, think again. There are a few very simple things that you can do to prevent and lower your chances of snoring. Here are a few of the top things you can do for free or cheap.

Sleep on your side
Usually snoring takes place when your throat collapses and does not let any air into your body. So if you sleep on your side there is less of a chance that your throat will collapse or your tongue rolling back into your throat.

Wear a mouthpiece
You can get these just about anywhere. They look like the same thing boxers wear. They offer your mouth structure so that it remains open and allows oxygen in.

Talk to your doctor
This one is more than likely something you should be doing anyways. But they might be able to provide other solutions like cpap machines to help breath.

There are also times where chancing out your pillow can help you. There are pillows out there that allow your neck to remain in a certain position throughout the night.

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